High Rise Construction Evolved

High Rise Construction Evolved

Airo® Industries
LTD® Series

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Airo® Industries, Inc. provides the solution for the biggest problem in high rise construction today…the lost time in the handling of material. We eliminate delays in material placement due to overloaded commitments to tower cranes. We also provide a safer environment in which workers can acquire their much needed material.

By its very nature, the LTD® SERIES has an automatic safety benefit. Unlike conventional cranes and tower cranes, the loading zone area is centralized. Loads are moved into the building’s interior or onto the rooftop to be safely unloaded by workers. At the same time, the LTD® SERIES is free to lift another load into position on the same or lower floor, something no other material mover or crane is able to do!

Elevate Your Expectations®

  • Maximum load capacity 10,000 lbs
  • Hook speeds can be varied to a maximum of 220 FPM
  • Deck travel over 15" per seconds

Reduce Risk

Strictly vertical hoisting reduces the hazard zone to a 12' by 12' area creating a dramatically safer job site. Gated transfer decks pull materials into the building to be safely unloaded.

Increase Efficiency

Control the hoist from 300 feet away with a remote designed for simplicity and ease of use with no special training. Hoist your materials quickly and easily to any floor with a deck installed.

Save Money

Getting your material where you need them, when you need them means no more wasted money and time waiting for your contractors to receive their much needed materials.

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